Helping High Achievers reach Peak Performance by creating and sustaining Elegant Balance in all areas of their lives.

Because without balance, performance suffers.
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Tristan helps reach Peak Performance by creating Elegant Balance among one's Highest Values. Because without balance, performance suffers.

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Bring powerful tools to your audience so they can reach Peak Performance by creating and sustaining Elegant Balance throughout their life.

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Get clear on what you want, create a vision for the balanced life you'd love to live, and real action you can take now toward your vision.

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Identify the things that matter most to you, discover your purpose, and learn how to prioritize your life around them to create Elegant Balance and achieve Peak Performance.

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The WALNUT Edge Experience

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Get complete clarity on your highest values and deepest passions to inform every decision and action

Create Balance

Achieve Peak Performance by recognizing and improving areas that are lacking and creating Elegant Balance
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Live Intentionally

Create a powerful Vision of your ideal balanced life, that will be a beacon to guide all your decisions and actions

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Tristan is a leading high performance speaker and coach, using his WALNUT Edge method to get to the core of what matters most to individuals and organizations alike. He loves helping passionate high achievers maintain balance in their lives while creating their legacies.

After contributing 15 years to developing novel cancer therapies, Tristan wanted to have a more direct impact on people's lives, so he transitioned to become a high performance coach and trainer. He brings his innovative, creative spirit to help people and organizations to deeply identify their core values and purpose, and recognize imbalances. He helps to achieve peak performance by ensuring that all decisions and actions align with and maintain balance among their core values and purpose.

In his free time, Tristan loves spending time with his wife, three kids, two yellow labs, and cat. He loves playing saxophone, drums, and guitar. Tristan enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking, surfing, and scuba diving.
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If you are serious about accomplishing your dreams and goals, Tristan will get you there. His intuition, confidence, and overall presence helps you break down paradigms and get you to your truth and life's purpose.
Liana Boccieri, CEO Earthbird Project
Tristan Winneker is one of the warmest and most empathetic individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. After just one visit with Tristan our business revenue more than doubled and I gained more time off work for family and fun. Contacting Tristan was one of the most productive actions I've ever taken.
Warren Shook, CEO
Tristan is an amazing coach.  He is warm, kind and an excellent communicator.  He gives a new perspective to how to reach your dreams and guides you through tools and exercises to get there.  He is passionate about his work and it shows!
Karen Payton, Fabric Artist

"Everything in the Universe exists in an exquisitely precise balance, but often our lives do not.

                   Let's change that."
- Tristan Winneker
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Why Walnuts?

"I grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and we visited my grandparents often, just a short drive down the hills. In their backyard stood a large walnut tree, with a long chain swing hanging from it. I spent countless hours in that swing, often with Grandpa pushing me. We talked, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed each others' company. Much of the wisdom Grandpa shared with me has become the walnuts of my life, the things I hold most important. Family, love, honesty, balance, and perseverance, to name a few. It is with much love and warm memories that I derive the foundation of my talks, workshops, and courses from Grandpa and his walnut tree."